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Press Coverage 2002 - 2010

A selection of articles from The Telegraph, The Guardian, Money Week & The Financial Times featuring Baird & Co. and published between 2002 and 2010. Please note that some of the links below may require a subscription in order to be read in full.


2002 The Telegraph - 2002 Why They're Going for Gold
2006 The Telegraph - 2006 Investor's Buy Gold Bars in Record Numbers
2008 The Guardian - 2008 Savings Investing
2008 Money Week - 2008 What's Really Happening in the Physical Gold & Silver Markets
2008 The Telegraph - 2008 Ten Ways to Invest in Gold
2009 The Telegraph - 2009 Buyers Spurn Gold for Silver
2009 The Telegraph - 2009 The Pros & Cons of Investing Gold
2009 The Telegraph - 2009 How to Buy Gold Bars
2010 Financial Times - 2010 The True Value of Gold
2010 The Telegraph - 2010 CGT Investors Rush into Gold Coins to Beat Tax Rise


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