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2021 Britannia 10 oz Silver Coin

Britannia has been the female embodiment of Britain for centuries, evolving through the ages to capture the spirit of the nation she represents. First appearing on the coins of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Britannia has a long history with British coins. Today, this icon is the face of the flagship Britannia bullion coin, renowned for its beauty and reliability. This incarnation of Britannia was created by sculptor Philip Nathan in 1987. He presented the ‘queen of the seas’ with carefully chosen symbols of Britain’s identity – a shield for protection, an olive branch for peace and a trident for her maritime links. The award-winning design has become so highly-regarded that only The Royal Mint is able to strike genuine Britannia coins featuring Philip Nathan’s interpretation.
from £220.20

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Price per coin

  • 1+ £225.43
  • 6+ £220.20


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Fine Weight (grams): 311
  • Fine Weight (troy oz): 10
  • Gross Weight (grams): 311
  • Gross Weight (troy oz): 10
The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint Refinery