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Queen Victoria Old Head Gold Sovereign

The Queen Victoria Old Head gold Sovereign was minted by The Royal Mint in London, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney between 1893 and 1901. This coin features a portrait of Queen Victoria designed by Sir Thomas Brock on its obverse and Benedetto Pistrucci’s famous St George and the Dragon. The Sovereign was first minted in 1489 under the reign of King Henry VIII and revived in 1817; it is considered by many to be a flagship coin of The Royal Mint.
from £331.68

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Price per coin

  • 1+ £331.68


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Fine Weight (grams): 7.322
  • Fine Weight (troy oz): 0.235
  • Gross Weight (grams): 7.987
  • Gross Weight (troy oz): 0.257
The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint Refinery