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Robin Hood 2021 1oz Gold Coin

Contemporary coinage artist Jody Clark has brought a modern touch to the legendary figure, depicting him with bow and arrow at the ready surrounded by English fauna that places him in the famous Sherwood forest. Tales of the rebellious character and elusive archer, who stole from the rich to give to the poor, began centuries ago and are still told today. Although these stories were based in legend, Robin Hood’s quest to care for those most vulnerable in society means that legend has carried him from his first appearances in the fourteenth century through to the modern day.
from £1,456.09

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Price per coin

  • 1+ £1,456.09


  • Country: UK
  • Fine Weight (grams): 31.1
  • Fine Weight (troy oz): 1
  • Gross Weight (grams): 31.1
  • Gross Weight (troy oz): 1
The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint Refinery